Our Promise To You

Legitimate House Buyers

Lone Star Buyers is a home buying company dedicated to providing a Faster & Easier way to sell your house.

We’re a house buying company known for our fair offers. We know your property is important and that’s why we take our offers seriously. We present to you with our best offer because you shouldn’t accept anything else. We do our research so we can make offers that work for everyone.



We add value to properties by keeping it simple. This approach allows us better control of our costs and helps us maximize our profits. If it was easy, everyone would do it! We aren’t like everyone, we’re simply the best!

Our customers love us because we’re able to make higher offers. It’s a straight forward system, see How It Works. Since we keep it simple, we keep our profits coming and we control our expenses. What this all means for you, is a higher offer!

Sell Your House Now

Sell your house in 3 simple steps! Avoid dealing with banks, realtors, appraisers, and inspectors.

Our Core Values

Service Above All Others

Having a servant’s heart and providing a quality of service that people deserve.

Being Reliable

 Consistently reliable. Always.

Creative Solutions

We love solving challenges that no one else can figure out.

A Great Experience

No matter who you work with at our company, or who you speak with, we want you to be satisfied, and leave feeling that you spoke with someone who is honest and has integrity.

Whatever Your Situation, We Will Do Our Best to Make An Offer That Works For You